Tall Girls

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Fed up with those silly comments about your height? We want to fill this page with great come backs for you to use on those people who insist on stating the obvious.

Uma Thurman 6ft...Brooke Shields 6ft...Elizabeth Berkley 5ft10...Anna Nicole Smith 5ft11...Cameron Diaz 5ft9.....Jodie Kidd 6ft1...Venus Williams 6ft1.5....Liv Tyler 5ft10... Macy Gray  6ft...Geena Davis 6ft...Penny Lancaster  6ft1...Naomi Campbell 5ft 9.5....Lindsay Davenport 6ft2.5....Zoe Ball 6ft.... Nicole Kidman 5ft10...Tyra Banks 5ft10...Claudia Schiffer 5ft11....Charlize Theron 5ft10...Christy Turlington 5ft10....Daryl Hannah 5ft10...Minnie Driver 5ft10...Elle Macpherson 6ft.....Brigitte Nelson 6ft1 ...Angelica Huston 5ft10...tall girls rule!...

Comment: You won’t go out with me because I’m too short? That’s awfully ‘heightist’ of you!

Comeback: Don’t take it personally Honey, I had to turn down Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson too.

Micki from Essex, 5ft10

Comment: Are you standing on a box?

Comeback: No, are you standing in a hole?

Lisa Cassidy, 6ft4

Comment: Wow, you're tall!!

Response: Yeah, and cute too!!!

From: Lenora (USA) 5' 11"

Comment: I'll bet you don't need a ladder to paint the ceiling with!

Comeback: No, I prefer to use a brush.

From Lisa Cassidy, 6ft4

Remark:  My goodness you’re tall (said by attractive guy)

Comeback:  And it's sure is worth the climb

By email

Comment: How did you get so tall?

Comeback: My daddy kept leaving me out in the rain.

Marianne Rafferty, via email

Comment: What's the weather like up there?

Comeback: Too hot for you!

Kemia Downer, 6ft3

Comment: What's the weather like up there?

Comeback: When you grow up you'll find out!

Ruth Morrison, 6ft2

Comment: Wow, you’re tall

Comeback: I know. Aren’t I lucky!

Comment: Cor, you're all legs and no body!

Comeback: You're all body and no brain!

Sam Chapson, 5ft11

Comment: You're tall!

Comeback: And you've got dandruff!

via email

Comment: God, you're tall

Comeback: Compared to what?

Sarah Bailey, 6ft

Comment: Man, you're tall

Comeback: Man you're ugly!

By email

Comment: Cor, your legs are long?

Comeback: yeah, they go all the way to my bum...

Charlotte Jeavons, 6ft

Comment: Do you find it hard to have male friends?

Comeback: Do you find it hard to have any friends at all?

Louise Kate, 6ft1

Comment: What's the air like up there?

Comeback: Cleaner than it is down there.

Victoria Watson, 6ft

If someone asks how tall you are, just put your hand on top of your head and say "this tall".

Annette Scheepers, 6ft 2

Comment: Gosh you're tall!

Comeback: Gosh you're small! (and then pat him on the head)


Comment: (from one of a group of teenage boys) Isn't she tall

Comeback: What a pity your brain isn't as big as your mouth


Comment: You’re so tall!

Comeback: No you’re just small.

Or: Well done for stating the obvious.

Lyndsay Lucas

Comment: You're tall.

Comeback: Wow, you have been taking your smart pills today?

Tricia, 6ft

Jayne from Lancashire, has a couple of comebacks to those rude people who nudge their friend and stage whisper:

Comment: Ohh, She'd tall...!

Comeback 1: I might be tall but I'm not deaf. 

Comeback 2: "I'm not a 'she".  followed by a cheeky wink to get them thinking!

Jayne (definitely all woman), 6ft

When asked once if my height intimidated men, I drew myself to my full height of 6ft (plus 4 inch heels), looked down and said, "I don't know, does it?”

Rebecca, 6ft 2 from Cairo

Comment: Oh my god, you’re so tall!

Comeback: It’s okay; you can just call me _____(your name).

Sukura, 6ft

Comment: Do you suffer from vertigo being so tall?  (Said by annoying short bloke in pub)

Comeback: Nope - but the sight of you is making me feel very queasy indeed!

Sarah, 6ft2

Comment: I bet you find it hard getting boyfriends being so tall?

Comeback: The only thing I find hard is making sure all my boyfriends don't find out about each other!

Sarah, 6ft2

Comment: You’re too tall to wear high heels.

Comeback: If I wore no shoes I would still be taller than you, so what difference does it make?

Or lean down so that you’re talking next to their ear and say quietly in a confident tone:

“That’s your problem, not mine”

Lee Baxter

Comment: Wow you're tall, do you wear heels?

Comeback: Yes, it helps to get further away from annoying little men!

Fliss Radley, 6ft1

Comment: Do you find it hard to buy clothes?

Comeback: No, I use my credit card.

Lisa Cassidy, 6ft4

Comment: Aren’t you tall

Comeback: Who said that …? (looking over their heads)

From Geena Sharp, 6ft2 (without heels)

Comment: Aren’t you tall?

Comeback: Aren’t you ugly!

From Mandy

Comment: How tall are you?

Comeback: How short are you?

Vanessa Austin, 6"

Comment: You should be a basketball player.

Comeback: Why, my modelling career is going perfectly well?

Comment: God, I have to strain my neck looking up at you!

Comeback: Yeh, and I have to look down my nose at you.

From Amy, 5ft11

Comment: Do you have trouble getting menfriends?

Comeback: Yes, most of them don’t come up to my HIGH standard.

From Geena Sharp, 6ft2

Comment: Blimey you have long legs.

Comeback: How would you know…. You’re staring at my knees!.

From Geena Sharp, 6ft2

Emily has provided us with a few comments for those awkward situations:

Do they let you ride the roller coaster at your height?

Do you get mugged by children?

Have you ever seen a parade?

You could also try the following:

Were you an extra in The Lord of the Rings?

Does Snow White let you out this late?

Comment: Why do you wear heels when you're so tall anyway?

Comeback: So that I can see your bald patch.

From Gill 5ft11

Comment: The bigger they are the harder they fall.

Comeback: The smaller they are the further they go.

Nic Finson has a great come back for anyone that calls her a BFG (Big Friendly Giant).   Just call them a SUM (Small, Ugly Midget)

Comment: You're tall for a girl.

Comeback: You’re short for a bloke!   (At this point you can imply that you are not just talking about his height!)

Comment: I'm not standing next to you, you make me look short.

Comeback: You don't need me to do that for you!

Sally Hills

Comment: God, you're really tall

Comeback: You stand up and reply ' I can't see what you're talking about?'

Jessica Lomas, 6ft

Comment: Just how tall are you?

Comeback: About as tall as you are big around.

From Emily, 6ft

Comment: How long does it take you to shave your legs?

Comeback: Longer than it takes you to shave your face!

From Louise Fletcher, 6ft

Comment: Do you play basketball?

Comeback: Do you play miniature golf?

From Megan 6ft3

Comment: How TALL are you?

Comeback: 5ft12.

From Debbie

Comment: You look like a giant!

Comeback: You look like an ompa loopa!

From Sarah 5ft10

Comment: Do those legs go all the way up?

Comeback: Further than you'll ever see.

From Debbie

Comment: My, your feet are big

Comeback: All the better to kick you with.

From Vicky

Comment: You must play basketball.

Comeback: Actually, I am a gymnast.

From Jessica 6ft3

Comment: Do you ever date short men?

Comeback: Only if he can stand on his wallet!

From Sherry, 5ft11

Comment: Cor, you're a tall girl.

Comeback: Really? I didn't realise!

From Priscilla 6ft

Comment: How did you get so tall?

Comeback: How did you get so ugly!

From Ifeyinwa

Comment: Do you have trouble finding clothes? (if patronising)

Comeback: Do you have trouble finding a brain?

From Ifeyinwa

Comment: Oh my gosh you're tall! (bloke in a bar)

Comeback: Good observation skills, sad that's all you’ve got going for you though!

From Lowri 6ft1

Comment: I have never seen a girl as tall as you (said by a small bloke in a pub)

Comeback: Who said that? I can't see so far down.

From Chelle

Comment: Blimey, you're a tall girl!

Comeback: And which dwarf are you?

From Karen 6ft 2"

Comment: Wow, aren't you tall!!  Are your parents tall too?

Comeback: No, they're circus midgets.

From Laura

Comment: How'd you get so tall?

Comeback: My parents raised me in a grow bag!

From Laura

Comment: You’re a tall girl (said insultingly)

Comeback: You obviously don’t get out much.

From Judith

Comment: God, you're tall?

Comeback: No, actually I'm an optical illusion!

From Lyndsey Burgess 6ft2"

Comment: Hey aren't you tall?

Comeback: Yes, it just hasn't been the same since I had the sex change!

From Lyndsey Burgess 6ft2"

Comment: Oooooh, haven't you grown? (usually said by your granny)

Comeback: Oooooh, haven't you shrunk?

From Amy, 5ft11

Comment: How tall are you?

Comeback: I'll tell you my height if you tell me your weight.

Grace Robinson, 5ft 11

Comment: You are tall enough without those heels.

Comeback: I'm sorry you can't help being vertically challenged.

From Ladienne W, 5ft 8

Comment: I'd have to stand on a Yellow Pages to look you in the eye

Comeback: And, I'd have to stand in a quarry just to see the top of your head!

From Amy, 5ft11

Comment: What's the weather like up there?

Comeback: Better than it is down there!    or

Comeback: The sun's shining up here, and best of all I avoid the drips.

From Mandy 6ft1"

Comment: Oh god you're tall!

Comeback: At least my butt doesn’t drag on the floor ...

From Nia, 6ft2

Comment: You're really tall for your age.

Comeback: Well I'd rather be tall than a midget like you!

From Jen, 6ft

Comment: Aren't you tall?

Comeback: Yeah, but it's better than having ducks disease.

What does that mean?

Well at least my butt doesn't drag on the floor when I walk! 

From Sue Wicks, 5ft10

Comment: You're tall?

Comeback: No-one's noticed before!

From Carolyn Draper, 6ft

Comment: You're really tall.

Comeback: And you're really short, so watch I don't squash you!

From Becky

Comment: You're a big girl aren't you?

Comeback: Well it's a shame you aren't a big boy isn't it?

Via email

Comment: You're very tall for a girl?

Comeback: You're very tall for a midget?

Via email

Comment: Gosh you're tall?

Comeback: Yes, and I love looking down on people like you!

From Julie, 5ft11 3/4

Comment: Why are you so tall?

Comeback: Same reason you're so ugly - it runs in the family!

From Gema, 6ft

Comment: What's the weather like up there?

Comeback: It's nice and sunny here in heaven, what's it like in hell?

From Gema, 6ft

Comment: Haven't you got big feet?

Comeback: Yes thanks, and they come in handy when stamping on dwarfs like you!

From Lauren, 6ft

Comment: Cor, you're tall?

Comeback: Nah, it's just that the ceilings are really low in here!

From Becci, 6ft4

Comment: You look like a giraffe?

Comeback: You look like a pig!

From Stargirl via email

Comment: What height are you? (annoying little man in pub)

Comeback: Too tall for you.

Michelle, 5ft 10, Scotland

Comment: Are you shrinking?

Comeback: Isn't that what your wife said last time she saw you naked?

Jenn, 6ft3

Comment: Your're really abnormal (from a short anoying man)

Comeback: My doctor says I'm perfectly fine, but I don't know in your case.

Emily Becker, 6ft2"

Comment: Your're a jolly green giant

Comeback: You're a little green sprout

Julie USA

Comment: Are those canoes on your legs?

Comeback: Is that a boulder on your neck?.

Annie Wareham, 5ft 11, shoe size 10

Comment: Are your parents tall?

Comeback: No, I was adopted

Sarah, 6ft1

Comment: Lurch

Comeback: Shrimp

Megan, 5ft 11

Comment: You're tall

Comeback: To think, only yesturday I was just 4ft10.

Susie from Scotland, 6ft

Comment: Are you a basketball player?

Comeback: No, are you a jockey?

L J Vondrack  via email

Comment: God your tall

Comeback: Come quick! It's a real life pigmy!

Kirsty Elson 6ft1

Comment: You are so tall!

Comeback: We don't grow runts in our family!

or: and so good looking!

Comment: Lady, you are bigger than my daddy! (A little kid)

Comeback: Kid, if you think your daddy is bid, you should see my daddy.

Best Saying: The loveliest roses have the longest stems.

Love the site! I wish I knew these comebacks when I was young!

Deb 6ft2 via email

Comment: Wow, what size shoe do you wear?

Comeback: Hmm... how big is your mouth?

Haley B, 5ft11 shoe size 11

Comment: How did you get so tall?

Comeback: My parents raised me! How did you get so ugly?

Haley B, 5ft11 shoe size 11

Comment: Is it cold up there?

Comeback: No, hot air rises.

Valerie, 5ft11

Comment: You are tall for a girl

Comeback: You are short for a boy

Comment: look at the real tall girl

Comeback: no look at you, a real short boy

Comment: you are an over grown 14 year old girl

Comeback: at least I did grow!

Comment: gosh you have large feet

Comeback: bigger is better, I’m 5’10 what do you expect?

Benetta, 5ft10, 10.5 shoe size

Comment: ' Aren't you enormous?'

Comeback: 'Well, I suppose everything must look pretty big from down there'

Eileen Yorkshire

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