We all have to go through an in-between stage.† At a certain age we need to come to terms with the death of childhood and the birth of adulthood.† It is this teen-to-twenties limbo phase that gives us a final opportunity to renew our licence to be objectionable and tiresome on a full-time basis.† All of a sudden, our lives take on new meaning: we gain direction, a purposed, a focus, a set of misguided but firm beliefs - and an attitude so savage it will reduce even the sternest of parents to tears.† As the Future Generation, it is our responsibility to develop into prosperous, virtuous model citizens.† For now though, we are apathetic, surly creates, our bodies ravaged by hormones and our brains addled by television and popular culture and computer games.† Although we have gown physically and are legally entitled to smoke, drink and copulate, our minds are in a constant struggle to keep up with the sense of maturity that these privileges bestow upon us.† Despite demanding the dubious luxury of adult status, we are unable and unwilling to connect with the adult world while we still expect to be fed and nurtured by our parent† - those absurd wrinkly embarrassments who don't understand us.† Our dear old parents: those stalwart martyrs whose sufferance by this stage has gone way beyond the call of duty.

We need to find an agreeable way of adapting ourselves to a society that has so far only succeeded in molding us into angry, ignorant youths.† We need to reconcile our aimlessness with a growing sense of ambition.† We want maximum success with minimum effort.† We want to call the shots, to find out about†real†life, to sample its ups and downs without getting burned.† In short, we need a trail run for adulthood.† And so this is what a lot of us do: we go to university.

~ Extraction from a book called 'Wasted' by Mikki Goffin

© Zoe Demery 2012