The Fund Raising Process

Right...where to start?? 

Well the actual fund-raising process started almost a year before my gap itself, then the planning (books/internet) started about 6 months before that, and finally the dreaming some years before that;)  But obviously, anyone can take a gap anytime anywhere.

I first created the cost proposal below [the actual cost breakdown is below that].  Hence concluded I needed about HK$24000, but in the end raised over HK$42000.  I did this through a variety of ways which I'll list in no particular order...

Worked my bottom off teaching English both privately and in small groups at various locations after my own studies;)

- Wrote a zillion letters to companies and major charities both in Hong Kong and the UK for sponsorship.  I included a copy of the cost proposal below and offered my services for advertising or marketing them in some way.

Got my teachers to sponsor me per rejection I received from each of these companies/charities, so either way I got money!  They also had to guess the total number of rejections I would receive.  The winner got a souvenir from each country I would visit.

Wrote emails/letters and spoke to family and friends.  Asked them to sponsor me for at least a day of my trip, and in return I would send a postcard to them on that day wherever I am.:)

Put up an advert on my web site appealing to my fans;)

Saved up pocket money & spent little!

- You could also organise events, such as discos or bake sales, or attract attention of the media.  I read an article in the local newspaper of a lad who was doing a similar thing, who got the media to record his climb of the stairs to the top of the tallest building in Hong Kong!  He raised practically all the money he needed for his travels in just that one stunt.

Generally, the money raised was half from working and half from sponsorship.  I got accepted by only two companies, both British, so the teachers paid up alot!  Sometimes, instead of money, companies or charities donate an item of equipment for the gapper, such as a backpack or insurance.  However, the biggest money-saver for me was definitely the flights - I had the advantage of having a pilot for a father so I got to travel stand-by.  Furthermore, insurance-wise was paid-for by the company for half of my gap - was {theoretically} still 17 when I started out on my travels.

The Cost Breakdown

NB:  currency exchange between HK$ & pound sterling = 1 pound to approximately HK$12.

Requirements in Ecuador

1.  Travel

- By Air:  Hong Kong to Johannesburg with Cathay Pacific = HK$643

Johannesburg to Sao Paulo with South African Airways = HK$2439
Sao Paulo to Bogota with Varig = HK$320
Bogota to Quito with VH = HK$320

Quito to Panama City with CM = HK$320
Panama City to Sao Paulo with CM = HK$320
Sao Paulo to Johannesburg with South African Airways = HK$2439
Johannesburg to Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific = HK643

- By Taxi:  Quito Airport to Johnny’s Lodging House = HK$40

- By Bus:  Quito to Intag = [provided by the Fundacion]

2.  Accommodation & Board

- First 4 nights in Quito at Johnny’s Lodging House = HK$160

12 weeks of Food = HK$960

  TOTAL:  HK$14204

Requirements in Nepal

1.  Travel

- By Air:  Hong Kong to Bankok with Cathay Pacific = HK$922
             Bangkok to Kathmandu with Thai Airways = HK$240

- By Bus: Kathmandu to Gorkha = HK$12

                 X 2 for return = HK$2348

2.  Accommodation & Board

- First night in Kathmandu at Hotel Shree = HK$84

- In Gorkha for approximately 8 weeks, at HK$84 per week with host family = HK$672

3.  Miscellaneous

- Nepalese tourist visa for 90 days = HK$240

- Money raised for the charity = HK$3600 (at least)

TOTAL:  HK$6944

Requirements in South Africa

1.  Travel

- By Air:  Hong Kong to Johannesburg with Cathay Pacific = HK$643

- By Bus: Johannesburg to Komartipoort with Intercape= HK$180

             X 2 for return = HK$1646

2.  Accommodation & Board

- HK$1440 per month + 20% overall deposit (HK$2320) =  HK$10960

3.  Miscellaneous

- Administration fee, Mozambique visas & transfers = HK$2960

  TOTAL:  HK$15566

Other Money Matters

- Insurance – Blue Cross = HK2000

- Vaccinations – paid for by medical.

  TOTAL:  HK$2000

© Zoe Demery 2012