Tai Kwon Do Demonstration

28th May 2000


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Watch out, USRC!

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This is how to do it! Lou wins the high kick now was it right before left...?
A bit of synchronised dancing
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Time for some action!

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Brunettes versus Blondes? but Pia sorts Randa out
Krissy attacks Lou
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Unprovoked, Krissy gives Lou the elbow Don't you muck with me Watch your soft parts...
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There's no escape In for the kill
Serious sparring stuff
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Lucy just loves beating up boys... ...She gets it from her mum The rearwards gooly crusher
Time to chop the firewood
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Zoe and Lou square up  Kathleen, too  Mind the power, Iona! (Dennis just loves Krissy's new hairstyle)
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Iona marmalises Mum makes matchsticks
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Rickie Chan shows why he's boss - too fast to follow

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