UK - SUMMER 1999 


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A quick visit to Nanny and Pops'

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strolling to dinner Locket into 50p halos posing
Checking out Colchester Zoo
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sleeping bear the Zoe shower.... hog

lion.jpg (15966 bytes)

lucygoat.jpg (21993 bytes)

close enuf to the lion but not close enuf to the goat
Time to mess about on the lake
luboat10a.jpg (13258 bytes) suzoboat12.jpg (20229 bytes) suboat13.jpg (16698 bytes)
Locket teaching Dad to do it


Zoe teaching Auntie Sue to do it Auntie Sue's first solo


Taking the baby for a stroll in the park
park16.jpg (20148 bytes)
Zoe, Roy & baby, Auntie Sue, Kim and Michelle
Visit to Auntie Sarah was secret
sarah8a.jpg (21618 bytes) eclipse5.jpg (3906 bytes)
Breakfast next to the new Japanese garden Zoe even managed to capture the eclipse
pinhole2.jpg (3136 bytes)
Dad liked this for some reason - anyone know what it is?
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