Visit to Katie & Derek in Spain

October 2003


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A Typical El Jardin Lunch!

Three Generations Grace... Someone invited a pregnant, lesbian nun
Party Games


Wrestling with Grandma Holding your breast Adding up the bill
Chippati Lunch

Smells like a fresh bone to me.... ...burp! Tasty and all gone
Dracula Arrived!
A Tasty Morsel Not so Tasty Spot the Dracula...
Posing Time
Uncle Nigel makes us look stupid...
...but we can do it by ourselves
Katie hogging the shot
Anybody know this guy?  I think this one belongs to me  Another 20 years and I can look like that
Brian: "Let me take you out for lunch, Sylv.."
We'll meet some mates... ...followed by a quick bite to eat...
.....I'll help with the clearing up... ...and then drive you home.

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