I might as well chew this towel whilst Dad goes diving


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Meet the gang - 

Locket (above)


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Norris Zoe, Steve and Judy Larry and Dad
(spot who's missing)
Meet a few instructors -

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Norris persuading Tommy to pass his dive master and Alison having lost Zoe on her night dive
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time for a few shots- Kamikaze and Nitrox 44
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some family posing at Verde island.....
Whilst Zoe & Minda work, a day of golf at Ponderosa
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Peter giving a demo on the 2nd Sam and Olaf watching dad look for his balls Sam about to lose his on the 9th
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Olaf recounting war stories to anyone who'll listen but they are more into pool
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Zoe and Minda recover from having passed their advanced open water course - congrats!
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