Skiing - Park City, Utah 

Feb 2000


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First, we had the Andersons

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Ricky turns 14 Gilly not going to get frostbite Doug watching Dad watch himself in the mirror
Then we all had a go at boarding
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Nick watches Ricky Doug on a 180 Lucy in pursuit
And some of us were happy with skiing, instead
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Spot the difference.. 
After all that action, time for some stills
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Mum's the word Snow means smiles Dad's the Remy
P2270050r75.jpg (39496 bytes) P2250019r75.jpg (21498 bytes) P2250035r75.jpg (20874 bytes)
The Demery "between-thrashes" grins 
P2250023r75.jpg (32792 bytes) P2250025r75.jpg (33349 bytes) P2250022r75.jpg (32631 bytes)
Anderson "between burgers" 
Serious Riding later on
P2250027r75.jpg (43582 bytes) P2250031ar75.jpg (38288 bytes) P2250030ar75.jpg (42555 bytes)
Lucy actually stationary .Doug showing snow rash Cool enuf to smile
Time for a bit of T.L.C.
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Lucy smacks her arm  Lexi smacks her lips, with Murray Zoe's Egyptian Mummy impersonation
Bye-bye, Andersons.
P2260045r45.jpg (29215 bytes)
Now they've gone, we can chill out
P2260048r45.jpg (43762 bytes) P2270054r75.jpg (42303 bytes) P2270057ar75.jpg (43453 bytes)
Game Boy and Pokemon More trenching than skiing Oh, yes!
P2260043r75.jpg (43029 bytes)
Bye-bye, Park City
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