London, England

Summer 2001

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{To reduce download time, most photos are "thumb nailed". Click on the miniature to download a larger picture}

Sight Seeing!

Picnic by the London Eye Lined up at Greenwich Getting arty-farty with the camera
Mum, Locke and Zoe at... an old ship? Royal Observatory Greenwich Dad over in the London Eye
More monuments...   London Bridge!
Visiting our idols at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum!

Zoe and Nicholas Cage


Mum and Sean Connery

Dad and Richard Branson

Locket and Jackie Chan

Silly Faces Competition!

Dad's funny look? Locket's monkey impression?

...or Demery Girls' big eyes?

At a hotel in Chelsea Quay
Zoe and Teddy on thier 15th birthday Zoe's b'day presents Chilling by the quay
  AOA Family Awareness Network  
Dad does his bit as the President

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