Kenyan Safari

Summer 2000

(Part 1)


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Journey to Il N'gwesi

Nairobi Hilton Approach to Lewa airstrip We've arrived... where though?
Pool with a view and a half Omni the baby rhino The bumpy bit
Typical residence Ranger security Our Masai hosts
All to ourselves

Dad tries the Attenborough bit

Locket frames an ellie The water hole at dusk

Sergeant Major ride

Slight obstacle on airstrip finals Ancient and modern
Who's protecting whom? Dad hunts dinner - we went hungry Bedroom bridge
Relaxed game watching Loo with a view
Boma Visit
Bloodletting a cow Hunting disguise The target's safe
Now, here's how Making fire Smoking can damage...
Village smithy. Your partner awaits Location, location, location
Hush, baby sleeping Traditional dance gathering Ladies' finery
Highest wins  Contrasts Masai warriors dancing
Walking the Mogodo Hills
Posing Return to Nature Established vintage
The Mechanic Return to the water hole
Another wallow

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