It's 1998!

Chinese New Year Fireworks from Gus' 31st Floor Roof


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Kidz playing in their Orchestras...


Zoe went To the Orchestra weekend!!


Locket played on her guitar in the Musical Evening!!

Our holiday in Dubai for Dan and Kirsty's wedding...

Auntie Sarah & Mummy fully equipped for the pool! Auntie Sarah learns to Dive.. and so does Lucy!!

Time for a bit of relaxation....

Uncle Nick reading.. Uncle Richard sun-bathing.. And Lisa dreaming!

Auntie Sarah is thinking..

Auntie Jackie is posing..

And Terry & Dinah are being silly!

Enough of that, time for some fun....!

Dad and Locket on their speedy, yellow jet ski!

Racing Time!!!!

Alex and Zoe on their dashing, Green Jet ski!

I just saw Alex fall off his jet ski!!!

Cheers to the newly weds!!!

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