March 2004

Jan Curtis


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Watch out, Dogs!

Please Dru, don't let him near us Nigel harnessing under Chris' close supervision Stella says, "Don't let him near me"
Team Aftershock
Boo, Abe, Hakeem & Hudson after dragging Nigel along Hey, you 4 did well - it needed 10 of us!
Time for some posing!

Chris' 20-foot yurt hides in the background Mushers together (well, sort of)
Iditarod '04 through Anchorage streets
Passengers and friends get a fun afternoon out Dogs and humans showing their team work downhill
Beaver Village (pop 60) visit on the Artic Circle
Cliff's togs... Nigel at Chez Cliff Another team enters "town"
There by Air...
Captain Brad looking cool  The Itinerary Cessna 206 (not a tail-dragger) powers up for take-off
Brad "awards" Nigel his Artic Circle certificate
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